What is This Crazy Thing Called Smartnotes?

9 February 2021

Blog post

By Sarina Ziv

Note taking comes natural to us. It’s both the way we are introduced to information and the method we use to repackage our learning and uncover novel thinking. For some it’s a compulsion to write notes while hearing a lecture and for others they can only comprehend something once it’s been noted in their own words.

If 300 hours of video content are uploaded to Youtube every minute, imagine how many notes are written across the world in that same time. Since well before the ancient library of Alexandria was filled with scrolls, people have been taking notes to explore expertise and understandings.

So what is Smartnotes? [a quick guide]

  • A marketplace dedicated to buying and selling original notes
  • Notes can be from class lectures, creative study documents, how-to guides or original content
  • Our notes are always owned by the seller and there is no cost to list!
  • Students, bloggers, experts, hobbyists = People of all kinds can post notes
  • Sellers earn 80% for every note sold (Smartnote’s flat rate covers all the transaction fees)
  • Posts can be digital or hand written so long as they are in .pdf form

Whom will my notes benefit?

It’s 2020 and thanks to scanners in our phones and digital pens, note taking is more present in our life than ever with a dedicated following of millions on Instagram, Reddit and Youtube. Your notes could help a user decide what to major in or which courses to take in university. Your notes could be resources that make esoteric knowledge more clear and accessible, such as diagrams for how to garden, marketing calendars for publishing on social media or something as simple as a packing list for international travel. We encourage our users to think outside the box. It sounds crazy, but it’s likely the notes you are taking will help people.

The best part is how easy it is to share your notes on Smartnotes. You work hard to learn and now you can simultaneously profit from your studies. Plus, you won’t need to host a website with SEO blogs or marketing funnels to attract users to your notes. Simply register, post your note and start earning.

What notes do you have collecting dust that could start working for you?



  • Courtney


    Found this on instagram, thanks for building this platform I haven’t seen something like it before and I hope it will take off. I’m a biology student at NYU.

  • anonymous


    this is pretty cool.

  • Albert Woodsmall


    I adore your way of writing. Thanks for sharing your interesting and insightful thoughts.

  • Kenton Meryman


    This post is extremely informative and well-crafted. I liked reading it and gained a lot from it.

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