How to Boost your Resume and Achieve your Dreams

18 February 2021

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By Kayla Bakhshi

Applying to college is a time of change, excitement, anxiety and joy for high school students all around the world. Students are showing the very best of who they are for college admissions representatives to review and judge them on, leaving many in fear. When I was applying to college, I remember the panic that I felt submitting my resume because I was scared I was not good enough to get into my dream schools. Currently attending my dream school I know what it takes to win over an admissions officer, and I am here to share those secrets with you. The college process can determine where you end up for the next four years, and Smartnotes wants to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Join a Club and Apply for a Leadership Position.

Join something that you are passionate about and want to be a part of so you can get involved within your school. I joined clubs that were geared towards my major and career path to show colleges I was serious about what I was studying. Being a part of the same club during your high school years also shows leadership and an ability to commit.

2. Take Classes that are Geared Toward your Major

If you are applying to an engineering program try to take advanced math and science courses to show colleges that you excel in that program. Many schools mainly look at courses that are geared to your path of study over ones that have nothing to do with your major. Also, try to take more challenging courses like honors and AP classes within your school path to show colleges that you can rise up to the challenge.

3. Ask for a Letter of Recommendation from a Teacher you are Close to

If you have a strong relationship with a teacher they will write you a more heartfelt and genuine letter that will catch the eyes of colleges. Also, do not steer away from asking teachers in whose classes you have struggled. Getting a recommendation from a class you struggled in allows the teacher to explain to college admissions the effort you put into the class despite the grade, leaving admissions officers with more understanding.

4. Work Hard for your First Semester Grades

A student’s first semester grades are the last thing colleges are able to look at before coming to a decision, bringing this to be one of the most important semesters. Having a steller report card shows colleges you are able to work hard despite the pressures put on you. A way to ensure you thrive with your first semester grades is by utilizing Smartnotes. Smartnotes will allow you to ace your first semester grades while leaving you time to work on your applications, killing two birds with one stone.

5. Write a Personal College Essay

Writing a heartfelt and personal essay allows admissions officers to see past the grades to an actual person rather than a piece of paper. Writing an essay with significance to you will bring the officer to connect with you and fight harder to let you in. Do not opt for writing a generic essay, but dig deeper to find a moment that defined and changed your life.

6. Start a Club

Starting a club within your school shows initiative that draws colleges in. It’s one thing to become president of a club and another to start your own. This shows officers a new level of commitment and passion that they will love.

7. Intern in Places that are on your Career Path

Interning will not only look good on a resume but will also help you decide what you would like to do in the future. Actually doing what you love will show you that you are on the right path and spark a passion inside of you, a passion you can showcase on your resume. Also, as an intern you are able to ask your boss for a letter of recommendation to bring in a viewpoint outside of the school. This will allow admissions officers to see you succeed in the real world rather than solely between the walls of a school.

With the implementation of these tips and the use of Smartnotes you are on track to have the least stressful and most exciting college application process. We know how much a college admission can mean and we wish you the best of luck! Just remember, Smartnotes has your back.


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